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 Sins of a Solar Empire

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Registration date : 05/02/2008

MesazhTitulli: Sins of a Solar Empire   Fri Feb 08, 2008 7:25 pm

Sins of a Solar Empire

Category: game
Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar Empire is a real-time space strategy from Stardock.
In the future, the survival of humanity stands on the edge of utter ruin as three powerful factions vie for control of the galaxy. Take command of one of three space-faring races as you work to establish your domination of the galaxy in Sins of a Solar Empire. Through a combination of diplomacy, economic skill, cultural influence, and sheer military might you will establish order over your corner of the galaxy!

Take control of one of three space-faring races as you work to establish your dominance of the galaxy in Sins of a Solar Empire. Through a combination of diplomacy, economic savvy, the spread of culture and of course sheer brute force and victory on the battlefield you will establish order over your corner of the galaxy.

Explore the Epic Scale of a Dynamic Galaxy

Explore and conquer neighboring planets and distant solar systems in a massively scaled, fully 3D galaxy featuring planets, clusters of asteroids, rare comets and radiant stars.

Customize and Improve Powerful Units.

As battle hardened capital ships advance in level, their core offensive and defensive systems are improved and their unique abilities are unlocked. Try out the devastating Raze Planet, the tactical Clairvoyance and the hull ravaging Phase Missile Swarm.

Take on Multiple Roles

Transition between the roles of emperor and fleet commander as you zoom-in seamlessly to direct a crucial battle while managing the rest of your empire effortlessly on the same screen.

Compete Online Against Other Players

Take your empire online to compete against up to 10 other players using the free Ironclad Online service, or at home via LAN. Save your multiplayer games and continue them in the future for truly epic battles!

Capital ShipsExtensive Diplomatic and Economic Strategies

Diplomatic and economic strategies can exercise a variety of options including forging and breaking alliances, trading resources, placing bounties on backstabbing ex-allies and over-powered tyrants, blockading enemy planets, establishing trade routes and manipulating the commodities market.

Real Time Strategy Game

Technical Features

Multiplayer Gameins of a Solar Empire is powered by the Iron Engine - a brand new, advanced graphics engine from developer Ironclad Games that was built specifically for Sins. Using the latest in DirectX 9 technology, Sins is able to deliver a massive, detailed galaxy for the player to explore, expand into, exploit and ultimately conquer in real-time, all while being able to perform well on a range of systems and hardware.
Here are a few of the major features of the Iron Engine that you'll see in Sins of a Solar Empire:alt="Alien Combat"

* Can support thousands of planets and solar systems, the only limitation is the player's system.
* Massive, detailed textures on ships, planets and orbital structures.
* Hundreds of ships on-screen at once, engaged in epic battle.
* Up to 10,000 particles (explosions, missiles, laser blasts etc.) on the screen at once in full-out combat.
* Seamless zoom-in and zoom-out from looking at a one-man space fighter, to viewing your entire empire spanning billions of kilometers of space.
* The Iron Engine is designed to perform well on systems ranging from middle-of-the-road hardware, to the biggest, most powerful machines on the market today. Effects, number of ships, planets etc. are only limited by how powerful your machine is. There are no hard-coded limits.

Space War GameUnder the Hood...

Beyond what you'll specifically be seeing in Sins of a Solar Empire, the Iron Engine packs a number of advanced features that take advantage of the most powerful graphics cards on the market. These features ensure that the engine, and games built with it, will easily scale with future hardware.

Here are just a few of the technical features of the Iron Engine:

* Per-Pixel Specular Lighting
* Dynamic Fractal Generation
* Post Process Bloom Filtering
* High Resolution Compressed Textures
* Environment Mapping
* Custom Pixel and Vertex Shaders For All Meshes and Effects
* An Advanced Particle System
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MesazhTitulli: Re: Sins of a Solar Empire   Fri Mar 14, 2008 6:02 pm

Thank you men
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Sins of a Solar Empire
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